University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies



The academic staff and researchers at UP FAMNIT are organised into five departments. The departments collaborate closely with the University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM) in research work.

A department organises and conducts educational and scientific research, coordinates with other disciplines within the Faculty, and cooperates with related units in other higher education and research institutions and with other entities. A department is responsible for the quality of the undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies programmes, and for the professional development of members of the department.

Related or similar courses, at all levels, are taught in the same department.

A department is run by the Head of the department, who is appointed by the Faculty Senate at the department's proposal.

Department of Mathematics
Chair:dr. Bojan Kuzma,Professor
Study programmes: Mathematics (undergraduate), Mathematics in Economics and Finance (undergraduate), Mathematics with Financial Engineering (master's), Mathematical Sciences (master's and doctoral), Data Science (master's)
Department of Information Sciences and Technologies
Chair:dr. Tomaž Pisanski, Professor
Deputy Chair:dr. Branko Kavšek, Associate Professor
Study programmes: Computer Science (undergraduate, master's and doctoral), Computer Science - international joint (doctoral)
Department of Biodiversity
Chair:dr. Živa Fišer, AssistantProfessor
Deputy Chair: dr. Vladimir Ivović,Associate Professor
Study programmes: Conservation Biology (undergraduate), Nature Conservation (master's), Conservation Biology (doctoral)
Department of Applied Natural Sciences
Chair:dr. Dunja Bandelj,Professor
Study programmes: Mediterranean Agriculture (undergraduate academic), Mediterranean Agriculture (undergraduate higher education professional), Bioinformatics (undergraduate), Sustainable Built Environments (master's), Renewable Materials for Healthy Built Environments (doctoral)
Department of Psychology
Chair: dr. Tina Podlogar, Assistant Professor

Study programme: Biopsychology (undergraduate), Biopsychology (master's), Psychology (master's), Suicidology and Mental Health (doctoral)