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...and contribute to the internationalisation of our faculty. Our international cooperation significantly improves the standing and visibility of the University, the local community and Slovenia as a whole.

The Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT) was founded in 2006. Our goal is to build excellence through internationalisation of our education and research.

The faculty hosts numerous world-class professors and researchers, who give lectures to our undergraduate and post-graduate students. In addition, our professors and associates regularly visit prestigious foreign universities to lecture and conduct research. Each year we organise and co-organise several scientific meetings, international summer schools and workshops for the general public, with the aim of promoting natural sciences in the community and beyond.

Our strategy encompasses further internationalisation of education and research. To this end, we intend to attract as many excellent foreign students as possible. 133 foreign students are currently enrolled in our faculty (in the academic year 2017/18). 17 of them achieved excellent results in national and international competitions. Due to their outstanding academic achievements, the faculty offers them scholarships and assists them with accommodation.

We invite you to support our endeavours for our faculty’s internationalisation by becoming our donor. Donations will be used exclusively for financial incentives within UP FAMNIT’s internationalisation strategy (scholarships for the most successful students). Alternatively, you can decide to support other development and promotion activities (development of new study programmes, purchasing of equipment for lecture rooms and laboratories, promotion of the faculty, etc.).

You can read more about our activities on our webpage, while a short presentation about FAMNIT, highlighting our most notable points, can be found here.

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