University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Mission and Vision



When the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies (UP FAMNIT) was founded in 2006, the University of Primorska balanced its scientific focus with the natural sciences.  

Faculty study programmes are complementary in nature and strive to create a space where the universal scientific language (mathematics) in its optimal communication field (computer science) co-creates integrated science. The goal is to impart quality interdisciplinary knowledge to students and graduates, who will then be able to confidently use the apparatuses of different scientific disciplines.  

Faculty development is based on high quality mono- and interdisciplinary study programmes of mathematics, computer sciences, informatics, natural sciences and technical sciences, with connections to other sciences.

The study programmes are based on modern teaching techniques supported by information technologies. Teaching and study processes are based on proactive methods, which stimulate students to critically evaluate knowledge and skills gained. Special focus is placed on linking education and research. Students are involved in research activities at the faculty and at the University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute (UP IAM). Today, it is not enough to be top-notch just within one scientific field, but rather to be interdisciplinary. The fundamental questions asked by humanity are too complex to be answered with the tools of only one profession. To this end, UP Famnit and UP IAM cooperate closely in their research endeavours. These institutions develop natural sciences jointly with an aim to achieve world-class excellence. 

The faculty also lives – without emphasising it specifically – what should be automatically engraved in every university aware of its universal character: the transcending of gender-based, ethnic, cultural and other limits. UP FAMNIT is heavily involved in the international university space. Research links have been established with China, South Korea, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, Israel and other states, while we plan to further expand our international research cooperation in the future.


UP FAMNIT’s vision, in line with the Mid-term development strategy of the University of Primorska 2021 – 2027, foresees that the faculty will become an international leading centre within at least one more professional field (besides mathematics and information and communication technologies) and add one more interdisciplinary professional niche with world-wide importance (bioinformatics, e-health, biopsychology, suicidology).

In line with this, the faculty staff aims to double scientific publishing in international scientific journals. All higher educational staff will publish at least one article and on average at least two annually, while the number of scientific articles in the most prestigious international journals and the number of monographs published by distinguished publishing houses will rise.

An important part of  UP FAMNIT’s vision is to become the regional, national and/or global centre for some fields of natural sciences and technical sciences and to establish working partnerships with the private sector, which would include a joint technological-development park.

UP FAMNIT will prepare new postgraduate study programmes as a continuum and upgrade of its undergraduate study programmes.