Univerza na Primorskem Fakulteta za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije

2016 PhD Summer School in Discrete Mathematics


2016 PhD Summer School in Discrete Mathematics will take place from June 26 until July 2, 2016. 

Scientific Committee:

Klavdija Kutnar, Aleksander Malnič, Dragan Marušič, Štefko Miklavič, Primož Šparl

Organizing Committee:  

Boštjan Frelih, Ademir Hujdurović, Rok Požar


The Summer School will be held at Hotel Planja, Rogla. Situated at around 1500m above sea level, its beautiful natural scenery provides pleasant climate conditions and stimulating working environment. For more information, see www.rogla.eu.

The Summer School will consist of two minicourses (10 hours each) given by:

Students and other participants will have the opportunity to give short 15 minutes presentations.  Abstracts and further questions should be sent to sygn@upr.si by June 6. Beside student talks, there will also be several invited speakers.

Confirmed invited speakers:

Lectures start on Monday morning (June 27) and will end on Friday afternoon (July 1).

Any questions about the Summer School should be directed to sygn@upr.si.

Organized by:

  • UP FAMNIT - University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies
  • UP IAM - University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Institute

In Collaboration with:

  • Centre for Discrete Mathematics, UL PeF (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education).