University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Tutoring System


Tutoring is an organized help for students based on a personal approach.

Student tutors guide their protégés (students) and advise them on how to solve their problems. The tutor can also advise students on their choice of study fields, elective courses, further studies, etc. The purpose of tutoring is  to strengthen the contacts between students by exchanging useful information and experiences in the field of studies and student affairs.

Tutors from Master's study programs can offer undergraduate students information from their personal study experience.

Who are tutor students at UP FAMNIT?

In the academic year 2020/2021, UP FAMNIT students can turn to the following student tutors:

Name Study Programme
Matthew Duncan Kerr  Bioinformatics (BSc)
Sara Milovanova  Bioinformatics (BSc)
Cita Jenko Biopsychology (BSc) (also for foreign students)
Marjeta Malovrh  Biopsychology (BSc) 
Nina Jazbec  Biopsychology (BSc) 
Sara Brglez Biopsychology (BSc) 
Ajla Šehović  Mathematics (BSc)
Mirza Redžić  Mathematics (BSc)
Eva Silađi  Mathematics (BSc)
Todor Antić Mathematics (BSc)
Jana Ristovska  Computer Science (BSc)
Milan Milivojčević Computer Science (BSc)
Tina Lužnik Mediterranean Agriculture (BSc)
Zala Horvat Conservation Biology (BSc)
Mojca Pungerčar Conservation Biology (BSc)
Andreja Olovec  Biopsychology (MSc) (also for foreign students)
Jelena Ilić  Mathematical Sciences (MSc)
Eda Kaja  Mathematical Sciences (MSc)
Arsen Matej Golubovikj  Data Science (MSc)
Mateja Jovanović Data Science (MSc)
Lisi Qarkaxhija  Data Science (MSc)
Tadej Vozlič  Computer Science (MSc)
Ana Kuder Applied Psychology (MSc)
Dajana Daničić  Applied Psychology (MSc)
Klara Lelja Applied Psychology (MSc)
Monika Poklukar Nature Conservation (MSc)
Petra Slavinec Nature Conservation (MSc)
Tina Belej Nature Conservation (MSc)


For foreign students at UP FAMNIT these tutors are available:

  • Cita Jenko, Biopsychology, BSc
  • Andreja Olovec, Biopsychology, MSc

Despite the fact that there are only 2 students defined as tutors for foreign students, feel free to ask any tutor for help. There are many foreign students among them and they will be happy to help you!

More information about the tutoring system is available HERE.
It is recommended that students make initial contact with the tutor by e-mail and agree on the next step as soon as possible.

How do I become student tutor?

It's easy! Student tutor can be any student who successfully completed their first year and is enrolled as a BSc, MSc or PhD student at UP FAMNIT. Tutor candidate should fill in the application form and deliver it to the Office of Student Services. Applicants who meet the conditions of the call for applications and are selected will receive a formal decision on their appointment as student tutors.

Open call for applications for tutors for the Academic year 2021/2022 is published here: Open call 2021/22, application form.

Tutor work report

Student tutor is required to submit a report on their work as tutor for each academic year, no later than 30 June. Standardized form is available here. The tutor must ensure that the report is co-signed by the coordinator of student tutors, who confirms the content of the report.

Tutor must submit the report to the Office of Student Services which then forwards the report to the teacher tutor coordinator for review.

Based on the approved report and the coordinator of teacher tutor’s recommendation, the competent commission decides on the recognition of the tutoring work. Tutor receives a certificate of their work and an entry in their diploma supplement.

Useful information

The tutors have some useful materials available to help them with their work.

You can read everything about the tutoring system in the Priročniku za tutorje Univerze na Primorskem.Tutoring guides for students with special needs and for foreign students are also available.

Training of student tutors

Tutors have the opportunity for education and training in various workshops and sessions. These are conducted within the framework of Continuing Education for tutors.

Here you can watch a short video about the training of tutors during past academic years.