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Electiveness at UP FAMNIT

Elective courses are divided into internal electives and external electives. All courses are evaluated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

INTERNAL electives are chosen by the student within the study programme; the set of internal electives is presented in the Course structure of each study programme.

EXTERNAL elective courses may be chosen by the student within the framework of accredited study programmes of higher education institutions in Slovenia or abroad. Within the framework of external electives, the student may choose courses from the study programmes listed in the Electives courses section of each study programme. Some study programmes also offer the possibility to choose from study programmes in other fields of study or from a range of internal electives.

Electiveness at the University of Primorska

The University of Primorska offers students elective courses from various fields. The Rules of electiveness at the University of Primorska enables students to select courses at other faculties of the University of Primorska. Students can complete their study obligations at other faculties and collect credit points that will be recognized as completed study obligations at UP FAMNIT.

Students must carefully read the content restrictions of elective courses of their study programme. Content for each study programme is available on the UP FAMNIT website:

More detailed information on the electivness procedure is provided in the Rules of electiveness at the University of Primorska (only in Slovene).

Call for applications, application form and the list of offered courses are available on the University of Primorska website.

Academic Year 2023/24: The deadline for the submission of the application for the electiveness at the University of Primorska is Thursday, 5 October 2023.

Electiveness at other institutions of higher education in Slovenia

Students may, within the National Mobility Program, also complete a part of their study obligations in a similar study programme at other Slovenian universities. Mobility should not last less than 3 months and not more than 12 months and must be evaluated with at least 15 ECTS per semester.

Students who meet the following conditions may apply:

  • have completed at least the first year of study at the Undergraduate or Master’s study programme;
  • are regular students at the home university in the time of the mobility.

The Student Exchange Agreement is available here (in Slovenian language).

Students can submit the application at the faculty of their home university (the university where they are enrolled) by the 15th of May for the winter semester and by 15th of November for the spring semester. The application includes the following documentation: