University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

UP FAMNIT First-Year's Guide


Dear first-year students, welcome to UP FAMNIT!

Below, you will find some introductory and important information to help you start your first year of study at the University of Primorska.
On October 2, 2023, when you will meet with the coordinator of your study program, you will receive the details of the study contents and the pedagogical process. We advise you to read the following pages carefully beforehand so that you will have answers to all your possible questions on the first day of your studies.

PLEASE NOTE: the content featured in this guide is merely a summary of all the instructions and information that you will master over time. We encourage you to carefully read the rule-books and subpages brought to your attention below.

We wish you a lot of success in your studies and plenty of fun experiences at UP FAMNIT!