University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

IT Services


Username and password

All students enrolled in our Faculty receive a username that also functions as a registration number and password, and which applies to all of the services listed below. 

In addition to the usual username that is valid for all services provided by the faculty or university, students also get a username with the added domain (example: if your username is 123456, your Eduroam username is to access services such as Eduroam wireless network, and Office 365.

Password change

You may change your password through the Student Information System (SIS) in the section MY DATA – Passwords.

The change of password will be visible in other services within one hour.

Forgotten passwords

Forgotten passwords can be restored with a personal visit to the Student Services office. You must bring a student card or other document that proves your identity.

ŠIS - Student Information Systemtop

Student Information System allows students to perform all exam application procedures via the internet. In addition, SIS provides several other useful functions such as checking exam dates, results of exams, etc.

After login to the system, there are instructions with more information available.

You may access the Student Information System (SIS) via the faculty's website, where you will find the link 'ŠIS' on the left side at the top of the web page.

In case of any problem with access or use of the system, please contact Student Services.


In the academic year 2020/21, all students of the University of Primorska will be assigned a student e-mail address in SIS, which they must use for all communication with the faculty/university. Each student will therefore have the address (enrolment = enrolment number), which will be used for communication with the Student Services, assistants and professors, and other university employees.

IMPORTANT: It is the duty of students to check their university e-mails regularly, as it is at this address that they will receive all messages related to their studies and extracurricular activities. Under each e-mail students must sign with their first and last name.

We offer students e-mails through the free Office 365 package, which includes Outlook for e-mail management. It is also possible to access your account via the UP FAMNIT website.


In the academic year 2020/2021 part of the study process will take place online, mainly via the platform ZOOM. Links to online lectures will be published on the schedule or in the e-classrooms.

We suggest you to install the program from the website Lectures can be followed on Windows and Linux OS, Mac OSX and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Office 365top

Office 365 includes Outlook (e-mail), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Microsoft Teams and some other Microsoft products.

Access to Office 365 is available through website See the Username and password section above for login information.


In the e-classroom, each subject has its own workspace, which is regulated by the lecturer of the subject. The e-classroom is available at In addition to downloading files, it also enables communication with lecturers and assistants through forums, homework assignments, etc.
By default, students can login to any subject’s classroom. If the lecturer has set his / her subject differently (for example, if a password is needed), you should contact him/her.

In case of any additional problems or information, please contact IT Services (

Remote access to articles and other sourcestop

Remote access to articles and other sources is possible through the use of the website Students can access the network with the same username and password as they use for SIS.

In case of any problems with connecting or signing in please contact IT Services (


At UP FAMNIT students can access computers at 3 different locations (e-points):

  • UP FAMNIT, Glagoljaška 8: 2 computers
  • UP FAMNIT Library TeMeNa, Kidričeva 14: 3 computers
  • UP FAMNIT study room Galeb: 2 computers

Eduroam wireless networktop

Eduroam (education roaming) is an international federation of wireless networks for users in the educational and research field. Students, lecturers, researchers and others can use any wireless network Eduroam, in Slovenia or abroad. You can use it regardless of where you are: at your home institution or at some other University.

The Eduroam username is a username with added domain (if your username is 123456, your Eduroam username is 

To establish connection to the wireless network, on most devices, you need to install the specific software, which is available for download at

Android systems do not yet have an automatic tool, so the network needs to be set up manually. The instructions are available here.