University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Study Room for UP FAMNIT Students


For the needs of studies, there are three rooms available for students from Monday to Friday (from 7.30am to 8pm):

  • Galeb lobby on the ground floor of Kettejeva 1 (for 13 students),
  • Small classroom 7 - MP7, when there are no lectures (for 9 students) and
  • Muzejski 1 classroom, when there are no lectures (for 9 students).

During the weekend, it is possible to use the Small classroom 7 - MP7 (for 9 students).

The Galeb will occasionally be used by the faculty to hold events, which will be marked in a visible place in the lobby. During these terms, students cannot use the lobby for study.

To use MP7 and Muzejski 1 classrooms, students borrow keys from the Reception Office and return them immediately after use. In the event that students use the classroom until the evening hours, but no later than 8 pm, they must return the keys next morning.

Students check the availability of lecture halls themselves. If the lecture room is used later in the day, they must leave the room at least half an hour before the next lectures/exercises.

When leaving the room, each student disinfects all the surfaces he / she used (desk, chair, hooks, blackboard, ..).


The study rooms cannot be used until further notice.


For any questions, please contact the dean's office secretariat:, 05 611 75 70 or 611 75 91.