University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Study field General Mathematics


Course structure

1ST YEAR (60 ECTS-credits)
Courses ECTS
 Basic Course I 6
 Basic Course II 6
 Basic Course III 6
 Elective Course I – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course II – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course III – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course IV – External Selected 6
 Elective Course V – External Selected 6
 Seminar I 6
 Seminar II 6
 2ND YEAR (60 ECTS-credits)
Courses ECTS
 Elective Course VI – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course VII – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course VIII – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course IX – External Selected 6
 Seminar III 6
 Seminar IV 6
 Master’s Thesis 24

Study obligations

The student has to pass:

  • 3 BASIC courses from the General, Theoretical and Discrete Mathematics Core;
  • 6 INTERNAL ELECTIVE courses (student's choice) in the amount of 36 ECTS,
  • 3 EXTERNAL ELECTIVE courses in the amount of 18 ECTS;
  • prepare and defend the MASTER'S THESIS.

External elective courses may be chosen from the areas of social sciences, humanities and natural sciences, and from study programmes at other faculties; however, students may also select a course from internal courses as their externally elective course.

Basic courses for the study field

Basic courses for the General, Theoretical and Discrete Mathematics Core (short descriptions of courses):

  • Selected Topics in Algebra (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Analysis (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Functional Analysis (6 ECTS).