University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Study field Cryptography


Course structure

1ST YEAR (60 ECTS-credits)
Courses ECTS
 Basic Course I 6
 Basic Course II 6
 Basic Course III 6
 Elective Course I – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course II – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course III – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course IV – External Selected 6
 Elective Course V – External Selected 6
 Seminar I 6
 Seminar II 6
 2ND YEAR (60 ECTS-credits)
Courses ECTS
 Elective Course VI – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course VII – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course VIII – Internal Selected 6
 Elective Course IX – External Selected 6
 Seminar III 6
 Seminar IV 6
 Master’s Thesis 24

Study obligations

The student has to pass:

  • 2 BASIC courses from the General, Theoretical or Discrete Mathematics core;
  • 1 BASIC course from the Cryptography core;
  • 3 INTERNAL ELECTIVE courses from the Cryptography core in the amount of 18 ECTS;
  • 3 INTERNAL ELECTIVE courses (student's choice) in the amount of 18 ECTS,
  • 3 EXTERNAL ELECTIVE courses in the amount of 18 ECTS;
  • prepare and defend the MASTER'S THESIS.

External elective courses may be chosen from the areas of social sciences, humanities and natural sciences, and from study programmes at other faculties; however, students may also select a course from internal courses as their externally elective course.

Basic and internal selective courses for the study field

Basic courses for the General, Theoretical and Discrete Mathematics Core (short descriptions of courses):

  • Selected Topics in Algebra (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Analysis (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics (1) (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Functional Analysis (6 ECTS).

Basic course for the Cryptography Core (short descriptions of courses):

  • Selected Topics in Cryptography (1) (6 ECTS).

Internal elective courses for the Cryptography core (short descriptions of courses):

  • Algebraic Combinatorics (6 ECTS),
  • Elliptic Curves in Cryptography (6 ECTS),
  • Coding Theory (6 ECTS),
  • Theory of Finite Fields (6 ECTS),
  • Introduction to Public-key Cryptography (6 ECTS),
  • Introduction to Symmetric-cipher Cryptography (6 ECTS),
  • Cryptographic Hash Functions and Block Chains (6 ECTS),
  • Selected Topics in Number Theory (6 ECTS).