Univerza na Primorskem Fakulteta za matematiko, naravoslovje in informacijske tehnologije



Wednesday, 14 October: Student Sessions

09.00  Registration

Session IPTOR-1 - Chair: Miklós Krész

09.45  David Božič, University of Primorska, Gene Network Analysis

10.05  David Paš, University of Primorska, Networks of Evolutionary Processors

10.25  Milan Djordjević, University of Primorska, Complexity Theory and Randomized Algorithms: The Perspective of Grafted Evolutionary Algorithm

10.45  Peter Race, University of Primorska, DNA computation via Self-Assembly

11.05 Coffee Break

Session IPTOR-2 - Chair: David Paš

11.20  Jakob Bartolj, University of Primorska, Quantum Computing

11.40  Gregor Ambrožic, University of Primorska, Communication Complexity as a Lower Bound for Learning in Games

12.00 Aleš Kalin, University of Primorska, Parsing Formal Languages

12.20  Lunch

Session IPPS-1 - Chair: Andrej Brodnik

14.00  Jakob Bartolj, University of Primorska, Finger Search Trees with Constant Insertion Time

14.20  David Božič, University of Primorska, Funnelheap: a Cache-Oblivious Priority Queue

14.40  Marko Mikolavčič, University of Primorska, Optimal Pointer Algorithms for Finding Nearest Common Ancestors
in Dynamic Trees

15.00  Coffee Break

Session IPPS-2 - Chair: Milan Djordjević

15.15  Gregor Tomazin, University of Primorska, Overcoming the Memory Bottleneck in Suffix Tree Construction

15.35  David Paš, University of Primorska, Linear Time Construction of Suffix Arrays

15.55  Aleš Kalin, University of Primorska, Sorting and Searching in Faulty Memories

16.15  Peter Race, University of Primorska, Cache-Oblivious Priority Queue and Graph Algorithm Applications

16.35  End of Session

Thursday, 15 October: Regular Sessions

09.00  Registration

09.45  Conference Opening

Session A - Chair: Andrej Brodnik

10.00 Gábor Galambos, University of Szeged, Lower Bound for Online Bin Packing Algorithms (invited talk)

11.00  Coffee Break

Session B - Chair: Janez Žibert

11.15  Atilla Tóth, University of Szeged, A Flexible Method for Driver Scheduling in Public Transportation

11.45  Carlos Kavka et al, ESTECO SRL, Trieste, Design Space Exploration for Embedded Parallel System-on-Chip Platforms Using ModeFRONTIER

12.15  Lunch

Session C - Chair: Miklós Krész

14.00  József Békési et al, University of Szeged, Improved Analysis of an Algorithm for the Coupled Task Problem with UET Jobs

14.30  David Paš et al, University of Primorska, A framework for a Flexible Vehicle Scheduling System

15.00  Gregor Smogavec et al, University of Maribor, Medial Axis Approximation of Simple Polygons

15.30  Coffee Break 

Session D - Chair: József Békési

15.45  Miklós Krész et al, University of Szeged, An Efficient Graph Reduction Method

16.15  Janez Žibert, University of Primorska, Speaker Tracking in Broadcast News: a Case Study

16.45  End of Session