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Friday, 7 December 2018 UP IAM and UP FAMNIT leading a new Research Programme in the field of Mathematics

Researchers of the University of Primorska have reached another important achievement: UP IAM and UP FAMNIT researchers have successfully obtained funds for a new research program from the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). In the next six years, within the program “Mathematical modelling and encryption: from theoretical concepts to real-life applications”, new and innovative methods of research in the field of mathematics will be developed under the direction of Prof. Enes Pasalic, PhD, expert in symmetric-key cryptography and Head of the UP FAMNIT Center of Cryptography, who will work with an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers, doctoral and postdoctoral students working at our University and at the Institute InnoRenew CoE.

The core of this new program is mathematics at its purest with cryptology as a bridge to applied mathematics. »In cryptology, which has in recent years become deeply embedded in many aspects of society, the most abstract mathematical ideas find a fruitful reflection in real-life applications where security remains an imperative. This program addresses important research challenges, extending from pure mathematical problems to real-life applications such as the creation of safe, secure, and healthy built environments.« states Prof. Enes Pasalic, PhD, and underlines the innovative aspect of the programme: »Previous work linking applied mathematics to these areas will be extended as well. The interplay between encryption and discrete mathematics will open new areas of research, trigger the development of new approaches, and lead to ground-breaking progress in pure mathematics that will drive innovation in real-life applications of encryption and mathematics in general

(In 2018, Prof. Enes Pasalic, PhD, received the Scientific Excellence Award of the University of Primorska in the field of science and technology)

With modern technology to excellence

Therefore, the focus of the programme will be on scientific, technological and innovation excellence, which will be achieved with the help of modern equipment that will support advanced data collection, modelling, and analysis, as well as a modern IT environment, which will enable connected, interdisciplinary cooperation with the requisite data storage, handling, and computational power.

Concrete results will ensure secure communication with blockchain technology, the development of innovative, interdisciplinary data methodologies, simulations and modelling to generate exceptional results in various areas related to real-life problems, focusing on the topics of sustainable built environment. At the same time, research activity in the field of basic mathematics will be maintained and strengthened.

Transfer of knowledge to students and the economy

Students of all levels in the fields of mathematics, computer science, sustainable built environments and data science will have the chance to learn about the research work, becoming part of the needed critical mass of researchers and professionals who will be able to further develop the research area and transfer it to the industry. The use of mathematical knowledge will be essential for improving the development of ICT technologies in real environments, with key users of knowledge - from other researchers in the field of natural and technical sciences to industry. Through the participation in the design of new products, technologies and technological solutions and innovations, we will be able to detect, in the future, the impact of the program on the economic development. The exchange of technology and knowledge between the research and industrial world will introduce systematic innovations that will simultaneously increase the rate of discovery and development in related scientific fields while supporting economic and societal development.

You can read abou the new Research Programme on this website.

Congratulations to our researchers on the remarkable achievement!