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Monday, 8 July 2019 Record attendance at the 9th PhD Summer School in discrete mathematics at Rogla

In the first week of July, 77 mathematicians from 19 countries took part in 9th PhD Summer School in discrete mathematics which is traditionally organized by UP FAMNIT and UP IAM. In a relaxing and stimulating work environment at 1500 meters above sea level, they talked about their research work and attended various lectures.

As in previous years, mathematicians from all over the world applied. Two mini-courses were lectured by:

·Daniel Kráľ (Masaryk University, Czech Republik and University of Warwick, UK): »Combinatorial limits and their applications in extremal combinatorics«, and

·Marston Conder (University of Auckland, New Zealand): »Combinatorial methods in group theory (and group-theoretical methods in combinatorics)«.

While invited speakers were:

·Vida Dujmović (University of Ottawa, Canada): »LayeredH-partitions with applications«;

· Miguel Angel Pizaña (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa, Mexico): »The awesome diversity of the clique graph operator dynamics«;

·Jeroen Schillewaert (University of Auckland, New Zealand): »Small maximal independent sets«;

· Klara Stokes (Maynooth University, Ireland): »Graphs as curves and special points on them«.

Participants were both researchers and students, which represents an important opportunity for integration between young and more experienced mathematicians. Meetings like this are very important to the scientific community, explained Prof. Colva Roney-Dougal, last year's lecturer: “I think that they are a great way to encourage communication within the community, and to expose both your own students and those from nearby countries to mathematics and mathematicians with different points of view, from around the world. They are also excellent for building links between the more senior mathematicians who were present. And I’m sure that they are also helpful for students when looking for jobs after their PhD.”

During the past nine years, PhD Summer School in Rogla has attracted over 600 researchers and students from all around the world. Many of them keep returning year after year, which clearly shows both the popularity and the quality of this scientific mathematical meeting. Assoc. Prof. Ademir Hujdurović, PhD, member of the scientific and organizational committee, says: “We carefully choose our lecturers, so the classes are always interesting enough for everyone. In the previous years, we have hosted lecturers from all over the world, and many have returned to UP FAMNIT – either for a research visit or to deliver lectures to our students. Everyone loves to come back to Rogla and to Slovenia. «

A special pleasure was also given by the fact that this year's summer school was attended by record number of students. 47 of them came from Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republik (4), Germany, Italy (6), Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia (16), Spain, United Kingdom and USA.

For the Best Student Talk Award, 18 students from 9 countries were competing. Recipient was decided by the committee members: Martin Milanič (University of Primorska, Slovenia), Jeroen Schillewaert (The University of Auckland, New Zeland) and Klara Stokes (Maynooth University, Ireland) and the award was given to Peter Zeman from Charles University in Prague for the talk entitled Testing isomorphism of circular-arc graphs in polynomial time. He received free participation at the next year’s 10th PhD Summer School in Discrete Mathematics.

Read more about this year's program and participants here.

9th PhD Summer School in Discrete Mathematics was organized with financial support by European Mathematical Society – EMS. The generous contribution to the organization of the Summer School is also a symbolic confirmation of the qualitative research work of our mathematicians in the field of discrete mathematics.