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Friday, 14 June 2019 Our mathematicians among the top students of the Open International Internet-Olympiad

Our Mathematics students continue achieving great results in international mathematical competitions. As last year, they have been very successful at the Open International Internet Olympiad.

This time, Famnit was represented by Mirza Krbezlija and Narmina Baghirova (1st year Mathematical Sciences MSc), Daniil Baldouski (3rd year Mathematics BSc), Đorđe Mitrović in Aleksandar Avdalović (2nd year Mathematics BSc), Besfort Shala and Filip Pramenković (1st year Mathematics BSc).
In March, the first round was attended by 6215 students from 157 different universities, in the category »specialized faculty«, where Famnit competes, 719 students were competing.

Đorđe Mitrović, Besfort Shala, Daniil Baldouski and Filip Pramenković have achieved above average results and entered into the 2nd round of the competition, while only Mitrović and Shala moved forward the 3rd round. Both won the silver medal.
In May, the last round was attended by 94 students, of which 27 were in the »specialized faculty« category, where Shala won the 4th place and Mitrović the 6th place.

Besfort Shala explains: »The preparation for competitions is so much different than studying for exams. Contents are different and the way of thinking needs to go in other directions. I made treasure of my experience in high school, where I used to participate to various competitions and therefore I can say that all tasks were above average, but not too difficult – actually it was in line with expectations. For example, the competition in Czech Republic in April was a bigger challenge. «

Đorđe Mitrović added: »This competition was different, but very interesting, because we were solving mathematical problems online. It was crucial to think quickly, using a lot of creativity. This is not a standard competition and therefore is hard to prepare for it. You just need some experience. It was really fun! «

We congratulate our students for their success!