University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Friday, 5 June 2020 New victory for UP FAMNIT students at the Open International Internet Olympiad 2020!

UP FAMNIT students record another phenomenal performance at the Open International Internet-Olympiad (OIIO) 2020.

First round of the competition took place at UP FAMNIT on February 24, 2020. The following students participated: Laura Ogrin and Todor Antić (Mathematics, 1st year), Besfort Shala (Mathematics, 2nd year), Đorđe Mitrović and Aleksandar Avdalović (Mathematics, 3rd year), Daniil Baldouski (Mathematical Sciences, 1st year), Roman Solodukhin (Mathematical Sciences, pre-graduate), and Milan Milivojčević (Computer Science, 1st year).

Second round of competition was held online via Zoom video-conferencing service on March 28, 2020, with theese competitors from UP FAMNIT: Laura Ogrin, Besfort Shala, Đorđe MItrović, Aleksandar Avdalović, Milan Milivojević, Roman Solodukhin, and Daniil Baldouski.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the third round of competition was cancelled. Based on the results from the first two rounds, the organizers ruled that Roman Solodukhin is a 3rd place prize winner in Mathematics and receives a winner certificate.

Moreover, all of the students who competed in the second round of the Open International Internet-Olympiad 2020, received an honorary certificate of participation.

Traditionally, UP FAMNIT students have been participating in the OIIO for many years, and each time they are included in the group of the best competitors. Thanks to them, in 2016 the University of Primorska received the title of “University winner”.

We extend congratulations to our students for their fantastic achievements!