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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 NEW: International Joint Doctoral Programme in Computer Science with University of St. Andrews

It is our great pleasure to announce that we have been granted accreditation for the Joint PhD Programme in Computer Science, which will be implemented at UP FAMNIT and the University of St. Andrews (School of Computer Science).

Assist. Prof. Klen Čopič Pucihar, PhD from the Department of Information Sciences and Technologies explains the specific features of the new international study program: »The study programme will give Slovenian students access to one of the best universities in the Anglo-Saxon world. Students will have at their disposal everything the University of St Andrew offers to its home students. At the same time the programme will give students from St Andrews a chance to work with a young, promising institution on the sunny seaside. Upon successful completion of the study, students will receive a joint doctorate, bearing the name of the two universities, which experts consider to be a distinct advantage.«

This is a four-year study programme, in which the student will have to spend at least one year at each of the institutions. »Each candidate will have a minimum of two mentors, one from the University of Primorska and one from the University of St. Andrews. Both mentors will have to be selected before the start of their studies,« explains Assist. Prof. Matjaž Kljun, PhD.

In the past, we have hosted professors from the University of St. Andrews at UP FAMNIT, who delivered parts of the subjects, whereas our professors were invited to visit their University. Assist. Prof. Matjaž Kljun, PhD continues: »We have been involved with researchers at the University of St. Andrews for several years. For example, we applied for research projects and published research papers. We are currently collaborating on a large scale virtual reality study and look forward to the continuation of such cooperation in the future. The faculty plans to implement a similar programme in the field of mathematics.«

(On the picture, from right to left: Prof. Aaron Quigley, PhD, Assist. Prof. Matjaž Kljun, PhD
and Assist. Prof. Klen Čopič Pucihar, PhD)

»Myself and my colleague in St Andrews have been looking forward to the approval of this joint programme. This programme represents an excellent opportunity for students to have a distinctive European experience during their PhD studies which combines the best of both worlds. The collaboration begins with excellent human computer interaction researchers in both institutions to bring together different strengths along with distinctive research and study environments to create a shared crucible of learning. Students, when they join us here in St Andrews, join both the local community of scholars and also the wider Scottish Informatics and Computer Science alliance (SICSA). Across Computer Science we look forward to building on this programme and creating new opportunities for strengthening our connections.« says Prof. Aaron Quigley, Chair of Human Computer Interaction, Director of SICSA and general co-chair for CHI 2021.

Compared to existing doctoral programme in Computer Science the programme features several upgrades. Assist. Prof. Klen Čopič Pucihar, PhD explains: »Compared to the existing programme we introduced structural changes and extended the programme to 4 years. We increased the number of elective courses giving the candidates greater flexibility in the design of their studies and extended the study programme for one year to  give the student extra time to make the most of the opportunities the combined programme will bring.«

The decision to enrol in the study programme is encouraged by the increasing global demand for human resources in the field of computer science, making it easy to find employment after finishing the studies.

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Our researchers during a visit at the University of St. Andrews