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Friday, 4 September 2020 IRIC 2020 - International conference InnoRenew CoE

Integrating sustainability and health in buildings through renewable materials

The InnoRenew CoE research institute, in cooperation with the University of Primorska, organized an international conference on renewable materials and sustainable construction. The conference, which took place live in Izola and online, was attended by 32 experts who presented the role of renewable materials in sustainable construction, considering environmental, safety, economic, digital and social impacts. At the same time, the conference was an opportunity for a comprehensive exchange of knowledge and discussion on emerging science on renewable materials, designed to develop a built environment that has a positive impact on human health and the environment, as well as on innovations in this field.

(Image: Amy Simmons)


The keynote speaker of the conference was the Carlo Battisti, renowned international expert and consultant for sustainable innovation, and president of organization Living Future Europe - which seeks to accelerate change in Europe and provide the necessary direction towards the transition to regenerative planning. In his speech, Battisti highlighted the growing demand for transparency in the extraction and processing of materials, including path from building manufacturers to final consumers. They want to have all the information, including whether the product contains harmful ingredients or not, which he believes is crucial. He also stressed the great importance of renewables.

“When consuming and using resources, we need to think about giving back more to the environment than we took from it. A good example is wood, as certain types of trees from which we obtain it are quickly renewable. In addition, wood stores carbon dioxide in the direct production process and after it, in durable products. As our ultimate goal is to reduce CO2 emissions globally, we need to think very carefully about which materials we choose and use,” said Carlo Battisti.

According to dr. Michael Burnard, InnoRenew CoE deputy director, IRIC 2020 lived up to expectations. In particular, the importance of sustainability is highlighted by the challenges posed by climate change. “I am pleased to learn that there is a very clear need and urgency to think seriously about climate change; We need to use our creativity, work hard and change our thinking about construction and materials if we want to reduce climate change and maintain a healthy living environment.”

(Image: Amy Simmons)


The next international conference organized by InnoRenew CoE, IRIC 2021 will be held June 10 – 11 2021, and will address the topic of healthy and sustainable renovation with renewable materials.

IRIC2020 was supported by the company VG5 d.o.o.