University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Saturday, 12 September 2020 First graduate of MSc study program Sustainable Built Environments

On 10 September 2020, Hana Remešová succesfully completed the MSc study programme Sustainable Built Environment with the thesis Differences of consumers' preferences of unweathered and weathered wood (supervisor: Assist. Prof. Michael Burnard, co-supervisor: Assist. Prof. Anna Małgorzata Sandak, PhD). As part of her thesis, she conducted a survey to determine the differences in consumer preferences between unweathered and weathered modified wood.

Hana Remešová is the first graduate of the Master's study program Sustainable Built Environment.
Congratulations and good luck on her further research journey!

(Dr. Anna Małgorzata Sandak, Hana Remešová and Dr. Michael Burnard)