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Thursday, 26 May 2022 1st Famnit Hackathon – another successful event carried out by Famnit students

On 21 and 22 May 2022 GDSC Primorska - Google developer Student Club at University of  Primorska successfully carried out the 1st Famnit Hackathon!

A Hackathon is a social coding event that brings computer programmers and students from other programmes together to improve upon or build a new software program.

8 teams of 3 students from Computer science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Psychology and Management study programmes have participated in the event. The teams had been either formed on their own, or on the Hackathon Team Building event prior to the Hackathon.

3 main categories were represented:Solutions to the sea overexploitation (A), Responsible Consumption (B) and Health & Mental Wellbeing (C).

Category winners:

(A) Danilo Radonjić, Amar Bapić, Selma Crnkić
(B) Riste Micev, Dimitar Pelivanov, Damjan Dimitrov
(C) Amila Mirvić, Jaša Selinšek, Natalija Robič

The overall winners, who won in the Responsible Consumption category, took the main prize of 500 EUR provided by Dinit Card Services, while the best idea award went to Zhaneta Koceva, Berna Asanova and Marija Zhivkovikj.


Other teams also showed great effort and produced amazing solutions, moreover some of them were also invited to further meetings with sponsors to discuss possible internships.

We would like to thank all the companies and organizations, that have shown interest in networking with our students: Dinit Card Services, Trapview, Mistral, Aquarium Piran, InnoRennew CoE and HICUP Lab. Some of their representatives have taken on mentoring roles during the competition and formed the jury team for the final project evaluation.

»The hardest part of organizing was coming up with a competition concept, that would be interesting both to students and companies involved. Also getting sponsors, but we were glad to have had a lot of companies dedicate their otherwise free time to our Hackathon. What made us happy is that the company representatives were happy with the work Famnit students produced and we helped students network with potential employers,« said the GDSC representatives.

Google developer Student Clubs are groups of undergraduate or master's students at individual universities in the international environment working in the field of Google technology.

GDSC Primorska provides developers with a learning environment and in its circle invites students of all undergraduate and master's programs who strive to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the field of modern technology. Learning takes place in the form of interactive workshops and seminars, in which lecturers also participate, and members are equipped with their extensive knowledge and good practices.

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