University of Primorska Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies

Mobility for staff


Sharing expertise and knowledge, exchanging novel ideas, and cooperating to strengthen bonds between academics worldwide, UP FAMNIT supports the internationalization and networking of professors and researchers. More than 70 professors and researchers visit our faculty annually, while several hundred also attend our events.
We are involved in numerous bilateral projects, both individually and in cooperation with the University of Primorska Institute Andrej Marušič (UP IAM). 

At UP FAMNIT, international mobility is enabled through the ERASMUS + exchange programs, CEEPUS programme, the Slovenian EEA and NFM Scholarship Fund program, and individual bilateral agreements. 


Additionally, we organise or co-organise successful international conferences, some of which have become traditional.
Students, professors, and researchers participate in international scientific conferences, meetings and summer schools in their fields worldwide. They frequently attend events as invited speakers and give lectures to students at international universities.