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MEASURES - adjustments to the implementation of the teaching process 2021/22


We kindy ask students to adhere strictly to the guidelines of the university, faculty and general guidelines and recommendations regarding the prevention of the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), published on the National Institute of Public Health website (

NOTICES for this academic year 2021/22

  • NOTICE 18.10.2021: QR CODE TO MONITOR PRESENCE AT UP FAMNIT PREMISES AND COMPLIANCE WITH THE PCT                                                                                                                      We are informing all students that form today on, 18 October 2021, we will be recording attendance in UP FAMNIT premises using a QR code which will replace the current (COVID-19) attendance lists.
    The QR code will be displayed at all building entrances and lecture hall doors. By registering their attendance in a building or lecture hall, the student/employee is also confirming compliance with the PCT requirement.
    Since scanning the QR code requires a smartphone, printed forms for attendance registration will still be available in lecture halls in case those present in the lecture hall are not able to scan the QR code. 

    We would like to notify all students that it is one of the University’s responsibilities to inform its students and staff about high-risk contacts taking place on the premises of the University of Primorska.
    The form "Defining High-Risk Contacts (HRC) - Explanations" is available HERE. This form provides information on HRC. On the second page of the form, you will find a table to be completed by students and sent to Student Services UP FAMNIT (
    Based on the data submitted, the Faculty and the University will inform its students and staff accordingly, taking due account of the legislation on the protection of personal data. As a rule, staff and students who have not been vaccinated or have not yet recovered from the disease (the validity period is 10-180 days after a positive PCT test) should remain in quarantine for 10 days after the HRC.
    If new circumstances require adjustments in the delivery of the course, the students will be informed.
  • NOTICE 6. 10. 2021: VACCINE/TEST/RECOVERY SYSTEM CONDITIONS AT UP                                    At the beginning of the academic year, we would like to inform the students again that wearing masks is mandatory in the UP premises in addition to meeting the vaccine/test/recovery system condition. Exceptions to wearing masks are possible only on the basis of an appropriate medical certificate.As we have received some warnings from students and staff this week, about some students refusing to wear masks. We would like to inform you that in cases where a student does not follow the UP Instructions even after a warning, we will have to act on UP Student Disciplinary Rules. In these cases, the disciplinary commission of the faculty may, after the completion of the disciplinary procedure, impose a reprimand, temporary or final expulsion from the university. At the faculty, we would like that the implementation of procedures will not be necessary and that together we will successfully start and end the academic year.

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