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Post-reform Study Programmes


Access requirements

Access requirement to academic and single cycle masters' study programmes is the matura examination, final examination prior to 1 June 1995, or the vocational matura examination plus an additional examination for one general matura subject. Access requirement to higher professional study programmes is the matura examination, the vocational matura examination or the final examination under the four-year secondary school or equivalent programme. The general access requirement for masters' study programmes is a completed first cycle study programme. Specific access requirements are determined by individual study programmes. Study programmes from corresponding fields of study must be determined, while candidates who graduated from other fields of studies are required to acquire from 10 to 60 additional bridging credit points, depending on the difference between the fields of studies. The general access requirement to doctoral study programmes is a completed second cycle study programme. 


Transfers between study programmes of the same cycle as well as between short-cycle higher education and first-cycle study programmes are possible when meeting certain requirements. 

Qualifications, professional and academic titles

Graduates are granted the diploma and the professional or academic title determined in accordance with the Professional and Academic Titles Act (Uradni list RS, No. 61/06). The typical professional titles of graduates of first cycle study programmes are diplomirani ... (UN) and diplomirani (VS). Graduates of the second cycle masters' study programme shall acquire the professional title magister, while graduates in technical, teacher training and art studies acquire the title magister inženir ..., magister profesor ..., magister akademski .... The graduates of medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine acquire professional titles doktor medicine, doktor dentalne medicine, magister farmacije, doktor veterinarske medicine. The completed doctoral study programme results in the diploma and obtained academic title doktor znanosti. All professional and academic titles are published in Uradni list RS.
Professional and academic titles acquired abroad may be used if the diploma demonstrating the acquirement of the title is recognised in the Republic of Slovenia. Study programmes adopted before the 2004 Act entered into force, are progressively reformed; the last enrolment is foreseen for the academic year 2008/09, the studies must be completed by the end of the academic year 2015/16 at the latest. Study programmes adopted after the 2004 amendments, are being introduced gradually; the process is to be completed by the academic year 2009/10.
Relations between the pre-reform and post-reform types of study programmes are stipulated by the Act and the Decree on the Introduction and Use of the Standard Classification System of Education and Training (Uradni list RS, No. 46/06), as follows:


Type of study programme pre-reform Level Type of study programme post-reform
Professional study programmes 6/2 Professional study programmes (1st cycle)
Academic study programmes (1st cycle)
Specialisation upon completing professional study programmes
Academic study programmes
7 Masters' study programmes
(masters professional degree, 2nd cycle)
Specialisation upon completion academic study programmes
Masters' degrees in science/art
8/1 -
Doctoral study programmes 8/2 Doctoral study programmes (3rd cycle)

Graduates of the study programmes adopted before the reform may continue their studies in the second or third cycle study programmes pursuant to the Act Amending the Higher Education Act (Uradni list RS, No. 94/06) and transfer criteria determined by the Council of the Republic of Slovenia for Higher Education.